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The Bathurst 1000 is the toughest motor race on the planet. One thousand kilometres of fast corners and faster straights, up one side of Mount Panorama and down the other, again and again. One hundred and sixty one laps of white knuckled, adrenaline-pumping action. It is truly the ultimate test of man and of machine.

By 1984 Peter Brock had won the race a record eight times, he became known as ‘The King of the Mountain’ and he became the rarest of beasts, a sportsman who transcended his sport. He became a virtual ‘rock star’, a household name and the most famous face in Australia.

Then Brock lifted his gaze to the world stage and took on another punishing race, the Le Mans 24. The trip was a complete disaster, the leased race car a lemon that ultimately failed. The team returned defeated, the stress had taken its toll on Brock, his health was failing, as was his desire to expand his $10M a year business modifying Holden Commodores for his adoring public.

A meeting of the minds occurred when Brock was introduced to health practitioner Dr Eric Dowker, inspired by Dowker, Brock sought to improve his own health and fitness. He gave up alcohol and cigarettes and became a vegan literally overnight.

Impressed with the results of Dr Dowker’s unorthodox methods, Brock started experimenting with crystals and magnets as an “alternative technology” to improve the performance of his race cars.  Against the wishes of his major partner and supplier of vehicles, General Motors Holden, he ordered the fitting of this new device to his Holden Dealer Team Special Vehicle Commodores that were on sale to the public.

On the eve of the 1987 Australian Touring Car Championship, Brock publicly launched the ‘Brock Director’ a car he had re-designed and modified with an un-tested rear suspension, and proudly vaunting his divisive ‘energy polarizer’ device. This was completely against Holden’s wishes and commands. Holden immediately withdrew all support for Brock's Racing Team, HDT, and his business.

Overnight, his empire collapsed.

The Press had a field day, gleefully proclaiming he was yesterday's hero. Old loyalties were tested as friends became foes, and with the World Touring Car Championship coming to Mount Panorama for the 1987 Bathurst 1000 and bringing with it a new breed of hot international drivers the likes of Steve Soper; Pierre Dieudonne; Klaus Ludwig; Klaus Niedzwiedzand the unbeatable Ford Sierras, it truly looked like Brock’s legacy was over.

But Brock wasn't finished just yet.... with the help of some rebel Holden Car Dealers, he managed to scrape together the barest of teams. Then in the most dangerous weather conditions 'The Great Race' had ever seen and in what was ultimately the most controversial race in the history of the event, with driving legend James Hunt claimed was the ‘best he’d ever seen', Peter Brock prevailed and became the “King of the Mountain” for the ninth time. A record that still stands today.

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