APRIL 2019

ARTIST MANAGENMENT AUSTRALIA is now representing John. AMA Agency has offices in Perth and Melbourne with direct links to casting agents worldwide. 

Phone: +61 8 9328 6555 email: agent@artistmgeaust.com.au 

John plays Frank Cole in the forthcoming Sci-Fi  feature THE DUST WALKER due for release in 2019.

A Virus/Science Fiction Motion Picture, Set in 2040 in an isolated township in the middle of harsh red desert Sergeant Joanne Sharp fights to protect the town’s people as they try to survive an insidious parasite brought to earth by an Alien spacecraft.

OUT FOR VENGEANCEThe mission - what ever it takes, fight for justice!

John is Andrei Andronikov, a Russian assassin in the internationally cast action / thriller Out for Vengeance. Andrei is a highly trained and skilled killer who follows orders to the letter. 

Out for Vengeance was produced in Holland and Belguim with a release date to be announced.

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