The mission - what ever it takes, fight for justice!

OUT FOR VENGEANCE is an action/thriller around courage, brotherhood and revenge between borders of society. Alan an ex soldier and martial arts specialist takes matters in his own hands after the investigation led to him being the murder suspect. His brother is a Police member and is pulled from the case so Alan decides to hide from authorities to prove his innocence whilst pursing the bad guys and being pursued himself by the authorities. Alan tracks down a gang, but meanwhile his innocence is proved by a murder tape. Alan then gets to know the victim, a young women who warms to him for helping her out, soon they get closer. When the gang decides to kidnap Vanessa for crucial information her boyfriend is killed. Alan, frustrated finally decides to ask for help of his uncle Tarik, yet he refuses until his brother Sonny is killed by the gang. Alan is pleased that Tarik decides to step in. What unfolds is a bloody battle to save Vanessa and those on a fast paced mission to eliminate Alan.

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