Believe in second chances! A mockumentary team follows the ambitious comeback of a forgotten star.

In 1983 Ricky T scored a minor top 20 hit on the international charts ...but just 5 years later Ricky had all but disappeared with only rare sightings, each one more outrageous and unbelievable than the last.

But who was Ricky T? Many opinions are offered but most are conflicting . And why the continuing fascination and debate about what was after all just another one hit wonder?

What we do know is, Ricky was an artist, a chameleon, a renaissance man, a bon viveur... yet according to some he never existed at all...

Yet in 2008, Ricky T suddenly re-appeared out of the blue.

With a catalogue of great songs, ground breaking videos, publicity stunts, a support slot with the most famous male performer in the world, a spiritual guide named 'Larry' and a manager from Cyprus... how can Ricky's comeback fail?

'Ricky!-The Movie' includes extraordinary and revealing personal accounts from those who claimed to have known him the best. Fellow musicians, personalities and chartered accountants all share their stories and insights into the phenomena that is 'Ricky'.

'Ricky!-The Movie' is more than anything is a celebration of that fabulous decade 'the Eighties' and all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) one hit wonders that made their small mark in the pantheons of music history.

This film is dedicated to them all.

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