When history collides, can a father's love conquer destiny?

"The Julian Paradox" focuses on the exciting reunion based on two thousand years into the future between daughter and Father, between them a powerful love that evidently remains untarnished. The screen-play is a supernatural tale with a very natural heart covering genres of fantasy, historical context with the theme of a thriller.

The story begins where Gaius Julius Caesar (John Stanton) and his leading Centurion Prima Pilus Centurion Gaius Crastinus (John Morris) go on an expedition to Stonehenge.

During the voyage they are both swept forward in time where Caesar dramatically re-unites with his recently deceased daughter Julia (Liz Catherall). Not long after the arrival of the two Romans, a man Sir Kenneth Oakland (Dennis Coard) from the Special Operations Executive joins the tale. As he is a Druid, he knows the prophesy that anticipates Caesar's arrival in the 20th Century; Sir Kenneth knows the ritual that will get them back home to Rome in 54 BCE. However, Dr Julia is abducted and Caesar flatly refuses to go home - that is, until his daughter is found and his honour satisfied.

John Morris' role of Prima Pilus Centurion Gaius Crastinus is a rugged battle-scarred soldier: centurion of Caesar's elite Tenth Legion.

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