Bernie Does X-Treme Sports

The public have been waiting; they've been desperately asking and anticipating for the next instalment of "Weekend at Bernie's." Well folks, the wait is now over the time has finally arrived and Bernie Lomax will once again rise up, pouring on more laughter then ever before.

In this hilarious new script written by Mike Lambert, John Sokoloff and Terry Kiser; the Bernie's franchise is about to take off to a whole new level of comedy and mishaps.

That lovable, smirking, go-with-the- flow party boy, Bernie Lomax, is back in what promises to be a wildly successful and outrageously funny motion picture. The "Bernie's Trilogy" has arrived!

"Bernie does X-Treme Sports" begins in a high-tech laboratory ("Resurrection Technologies") where several dearly departed Celebes; such as Liberace, Elvis, Al Gore (and others), including Bernie Lomax, have been cryogenically frozen until science figures out a way to resurrect them. Along comes two goof-ball college students working the night shift at Resurrection Technologies, Andy and Brandon accidentally un-freeze Bernie Lomax while waxing the floor. With the Corpse of Bernie out of the Bag or Cryo Pod, the boys are in more trouble then they can handle.

Their saving grace comes when they find a dead ringer (pun intended) for Bernie Lomax named Benny, who is a splitting image of the dead Bernie.

Bennie who looks exactly like Bernie has just arrived from his small Mediterranean village named, "Vista del Bano" (view from the toilet) with the hopes of raising money to bring indoor plumbing back to his hometown. With dreams of flushing toilets and golden plumbing, he is entered into the X-games competition as Bernie in order to win a Billion dollar prize for the first cryogenic man bought back to life. Their competition is another thawed out cryogenic man, named Sven from the Swedish firm "Stiffenreisen."

When Bernie meets Benny the hilarious fun begins. Through a comedic adventure that will cause laughter pangs, Bernie becomes the star of the X-games show, performing feats never seen on screen before. The fun doesn't end there, Don the hit-man from the first Bernie's film is back and nuttier then before. With a suitcase full of high-tech weaponry, he shows up at the X-games with the intent on carrying out his personal mission to "whack" Bernie once and for all, only to meet up repeatedly with the ever-alive Benny, or is it Bernie?

With all these elements in place, "Weekend at Bernie's III: Bernie does X-Treme sports" will give the movie going public a fast-paced over-the-top adventure that will leave the audiences howling and ticket sales soaring.

The Weekend at Bernie's series has a proven track record of providing hilarious entertainment for a world-wide audience, and yet, we believe that the Bernie character has not been marketed in the sophisticated and compelling way he can be.

A successful film is only as good as its production team, and Terry has assembled a first class talented Director of Photography Julio Macat, ASC. Julio is no stranger to comedy; his credits span the pantheon of comedy hits such as Home Alone II, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Nutty Professor, Wedding Crashers and many more. Julio has committed to bring Bernie's 3 to life with Terry in order to create the best comedy movie imaginable.

Although Weekend at Bernie's I grossed more domestically, Bernie 2 equaled or surpassed it's predecessor in aggregate viewers due to extremely strong video rental business and prime time TV exposure, as well as extensive pay cable penetration.

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