WORLD FILM FEDERATION - Investing in People and their Potential.

WORLD FILM FEDERATION is about the business of investing in people and their careers. Empowering individuals who have a desire for industry specific internships for educational demands as well as gaining experience in all aspects of the film production process. Located in Dallas, WORLD FILM FEDERATION centralizes and facilitates the necessary growth of production talent in the ever expanding digital media workforce. WORLD FILM FEDERATION certifies up and coming industry professionals and ancillary businesses with the only “Texas size” production, facility in the world. 

WORLD FILM FEDERATION is the destination of choice.

WORLD FILM FEDERATION is becoming the production entertainment hub in the South Central region of the United States of America. WORLD FILM FEDERATION is attracting the talent and ancillary businesses with a substantial studio facility, supported by State and the local community.

“WORLD FILM FEDERATION is facilitating significant reduction in costs enabling producers and their media projects to expedite their productions on time and budget with as much profitability as possible”.

Australia - John Harvie Morris / Co Founder - President New Media   

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